​​​Join our WELL DOCUMENTED,  RESULTS PRODUCING, & SCIENCE BASED 12 Weeks Nutrition & Training Program!!​​

To sign up for the program,  click the Sign Up Now Button located at the top of this page and register for the Nutrition Workshop.  Note the $100 enrollment fee is required before the Nutrition Workshop.  

Measurements & Weight Taken 3 times over the 12 weeks

Personalized Meal Planning/Guidance

Train 3 to 4 Days/Week in a Group or Individually


Presenting The Pink Powerhouse's 12 Weeks Nutrition & Training Program!!  Join a proven system that     is designed and customized to promote activity based eating AND training programming for sustained fat loss and muscle growth.  Through the program, participants will learn the HOW, the WHY, & actually DO the things that lead to a healthy and active lifetstyle with a leaner physique and a great quality of life!!   NO gimmicks, no starvation, just SCIENCE!!  We typically run this program 3 to 4 times/year!!              DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE NEXT ONE!!


*$100 Enrollment Fee

*2.5 hour Nutrition Worksop

*3 to 4 Days of Training (pay per group or monthly unlimited package) 

*Customized Meal Plan at 1st Measurements