Online Nutrition Planning

Online Training Videos

Client's receive one on one personal training done via video communications (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, FB Messenger).  This is ideal for those new to training and/or may need one-on-one attention, coaching, and support. This is also great for those who want to build up their confidence, knowledge base of training exercises, and stamina before doing the training videos. The cost of online personal training is  $35/half hour.  Email for scheduling.

We have put together this online program to reach and help women get results regardless of where they live and/or in the comfort of their homes.  Our online program embodies our studio's services that are designed and customized to promote activity based eating AND training for sustained fat loss and muscle growth.

Each online video client will receive THREE instructional training videos each week that are designed to hit all major muscle groups for maximum results as seen with clients at our studio (12 videos/month).  In addition to the videos, written instructions for the training programming also accompany the videos.  The program is great for beginners & advanced!!  The cost of the online training videos program is $45/month. Email for scheduling.



Online Personal Training

The nutrition services consist of our results drive program designed to teach partcipants  WHAT, WHEN, and HOW MUCH to eat to achieve sustainable results with the foods that they will actually eat.  The cost of nutritional consultation and planning is $50.   Email for scheduling.